This Year's Fest will be Saturday, November 3, 2018!!

6 - 10PM

Holiday Inn Express, Janesville, WI

Buy Your Tickets!

  • Tickets also available from any Janesville Kiwanis member or at Woodman's Liquor Janesville & Badger Spirits in Janesville/Beloit .

    $50 Advance, $60 at the door (if there are any unsold). Tickets are non-refundable.

    Tickets include a full size pint with the Fest of Ale logo on them for you to take home and cherish all the year through.
    Beer and wine samples are included with your ticket purchase, as is the food!!!

    Heckuva Deal, Right?!?!
    We also have a stellar band playing at this event some come on out and enjoy!!


    (NO, these are not rules to live by but they are in place for our event!!)
    Thanks for coming and supporting The Janesville Kiwanis Club’s 14th Annual Fall Fest-Of-Ale. This fundraiser has helped us fund many of our charitable events over this past year and will help us continue them into the future. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself so please take a moment to read our Rules of Play. After you review them, go try some of the best brews in the region and when you leave, sup¬port our brewers by patronizing them at your local establishments. Serving size: The serving size for samples is two ounces. With so many different choices and so little time, we ask you enjoy in small tastes.

    Closing time: Closing time is 10:00 pm. All brewers MUST stop serving at 9:45 pm. Do not endanger the future of the festival (and don’t invite a personal encounter with the police officers) by asking for “just one more.” Please proceed promptly to the marked exit and do not carry alcohol outside of the building. NO SMOKING indoors. No smoking indoors! We understand that people differ in their opinions about smoking but this is a beer festival - not a tobacco festival. Violators risk being ejected from the festival. If you really need to smoke, please step outside the festival for a few minutes. Again, absolutely no smoking. Thanks for your cooperation! Don’t be a loser. If you break your festival glass, you can get a plastic cup for sampling for the rest of the event or replacement glasses may be purchased at the front entrance. Most of the people at the festival are honest but there are always a few folks who have stolen people’s glasses or items from exhibiting breweries. Don’t give people the chance to “accidentally” pick up your glass or other items. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated! Complimentary water and soda at the Will Call table.

    Don’t be a drunken loser. This is a beer tasting festival, not a drunkfest. We reserve the right to ask the excessive foul mouth, overly intoxicated or just plain rude people to leave - no questions. If you see someone fitting these descriptions, please notify a Kiwanis member immediately. Also, you definitely shouldn’t be driving immediately after the festival. Should you need a ride home, please contact a Janesville Kiwanis member. We will see to it that you get home safely by calling you a cab. If you think your friend needs a ride, please let us know. We want to see everyone back here again next year.

    Support your local brewers and go enjoy a beer!

    If you have past photos to share, email them to us and we'll post them on this site!
    Email the Kiwanis Fall Fest Team at or click this:
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    Thanks to all of our breweries, distributors and most of all - our fantastic team of vollunteers who make this event possible!

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    This is a really fun event. You should come and bring a friend.

    Thanks to our host:

    3100 Wellington Place. At the intersection of I-90 and Hwy 14 East, Janesville, WI.
    Staying in Janesville? Call 608.756.3100 for reservations or click on the logo above!
    There is a special block of rooms available at the discounted rate. Tell them you are coming for the Fest!

    This is a great alternative to sobriety tests! Seriously, we don't want you behind the wheel if you've been drinking. Stay the night!

    The Janesville Kiwanis Fall Fest-Of-Ale is a premiere beer tasting event bringing together some of the finest microbrews in Wisconsin and Illinois.
    This fundraiser has helped us fund many of our charitable events over this past year and will help us continue them into the future.
    Some of these events are: High School Scholarships, Badger Boy's State and Girl's State, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Healthnet, as well as maintaining and beautifying Kiwanis Park, Kiwanis Pond and Kiwanis Trail in Janesville.